EternalView is an all in one basic information gathering tool

CLI tool, made in BASH <3
WAF/IDS/IPS detection is live!!!


How to install:

  1. Download
  • clone through termial :
git clone


  1. Run -in terminal
chmod +x


Feature Explanation
Whois Information Prints the whois information of the entered web address
DNS lookup Prints the DNS information and web records
Cloudflare detection Tells whether a particular website is powered by cloudflare
IP locator Prints the geolocation of a web server
HTTP Header analyzer Prints the header information of a website
Robots.txt scanner Scans the robots.txt file of a webpage and prints the unindexed information
Associated Links Prints the list of all accessible pages of a website
NMAP port scanner Performs an extensive port scan on a given website or ip address
Traceroute Prints the route and measures the transit delays of packets across a given web/IP address
Autopwn™ A simple bash based metasploit automation tool! With just a few clicks, own any android or windows device!!

Future updates:

  • Support for windows
  • Firewall detection and evasion